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key projects

Due to the sensitive nature of the works Syfa are asked to undertake, it is difficult to promote the projects we have undertaken over the last ten years we have been in business. Below is just a sample of the type of sensitive tasks we have been involved with.....


The Victorian Comprehenseive Cancer Centre was constructed to meet the ever expanding needs of the community with respect to medical treatments for managing cancer patients.

Built to replace the ageing Peter MacCallum Centre, the VCCC is a state of the art hospital built as a public private partnership under the Victorian Government; Partnership Victoria program.

Syfa Solutions provided specialist advice in the area of radiation security to Australian Government standards, and particularly, the ARPANSA Code of Practice RPS11.




The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) operates Australia's only nuclear reactor. OPAL is an open pool reactor primarily used for manufacturing medical radioisotopes and facilitating nuclear partical beam research.

ANSTO operates its facilities under international agreements to ensure the security and safety of nuclear material. The IAEA has a number of standards which ANSTO must meet when operating the OPAL reactor.

Syfa Solutions worked with ANSTO to ensure the security of information from the reactor to the research facilities used by multinational scientists.

Syfa's consultants IRAP assessed the Beam Hall gateway/cross domain solution as well as the SCADA system used to control the reactor when the reactor was first commissioned.



Stertiech are Australia's leading commercial sterilisation company. Steritech use both Gamma irradiation and other processes to ensure their client's products are completely free of any contanmination.

Syfa Solutions worked with Steritech to develop a security risk management plan which identified key areas to ensure their facilities have appropriate and robust security controls at detecting and preventing the sources from being accessed and removed.

Syfa Solutions has also endorsed a range of Source and Transport Security Plans for Steritech.


Macquarie Telecom

Macquarie Telecom are a premium provider of Data Centre Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure services. Security is a key feature that underpins their offerings to both Government and Commercial clients alike.

Syfa Solutions worked with Macquarie Telecom to ensure their facilities in Sydney, and Canberra meet the Zone security requirements as required under the Australian Government PSPF Physical Security Guidelines.


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