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Syfa Solutions has celebrated over fifteen years in business and during those years, Syfa Solutions has assisted many Australian Government Agencies and Commercial businesses to achieve compliance to Australian Government and international standards.

The list is too long and sensitive to list here, but we can provide exemplary references if you have not dealt with us before.

SCIF construction management


A SCIF is a unique facility constructed to the very highest standards the USA and Australian Governments require for the intelligence community..

A SCIF requires detailed plans to specify and manage the construction of the facility itself, as well as detailed specifications for the electronic security systems that are required.

Syfa can manage the whole process from initial liaison with the security agencies and making the application to the accreditation authority; writing the specifications, overseeing the construction and installation; and organising all the inspections and reports required to achieve accreditation.

Syfa has experienced SCEC Endorsed Security Zone Consultants to ensure your Zone construction project meets Australian Government standards and achieves accreditation.

ICT systems accreditation


Achieving accreditation for your base network and attached systems is a bit of a mine field.

Syfa can assist you to understand what the process is and how to go about getting there the cheapest and easiest way.

Once we understand what your critical business systems are we can work to develop the necessary documentation that is required under the ISM framework.

Understanding risk is essential to establish appropriate controls are selected in this process to ensure your security dollar is spent wisely with stated objectives.

Once in place, an IRAP assessment will ensure all documented controls are implemented and effective which will inform the certication process and ultimately to accredit the system into production.

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