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success oriented

Syfa's goal is to deliver quality advice and services that enable and assist our clients to achieve their security objectives.

Our clients can then make informed decisions about how to best prioritise their security budgets so they are investing in services and technologies that move them closer to their own goals.

Its Syfa's job to get you there quicker, cheaper and more effectively.


Syfa draws from a team of seasoned professionals who have worked in the Federal and State Government as well as the corporate sectors.

Working with such an experienced team ensures the advice you receive is relevant, appropriate and ultimately effective.


our services

Syfa offers professional services in a range of security related speciality fields.

  • Physical security to the highest Government standards using SCEC specifications.

  • Cyber Security to the highest Government standards using ASD specifications.

  • Security Governance and Risk Management to international and Australian standards

  • Radiation security to the ARPANSA code of practice

“good security is good management"

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